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Ernest Cline. Gwenda Bond. Robin Hobb. Heather Zak. Doug Farren.

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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Galactic Alliance Book 2 - Chroniech! Free delivery worldwide. Description The Galactic Alliance was created in the wake of the Terran - Tholtaran war and its members have lived together in peace for five decades. An ancient race known as the Chroniech, however, have other plans. On the way to investigate another recent attack on a remote outpost, the Komodo Dragon, under the command of Captain Ken Stricklen makes an unbelievable discovery.

Knowing the implications of what the Alliance has found, the Chroniech accelerate their plans of extermination. To save the Alliance from annihilation, the Komodo Dragon embarks on an incredible journey of discovery into unexplored space.

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Can the Alliance survive the advances of the technologically more advanced Chroniech? This is the second book fo the Galactic Alliance series; a hard military science fiction space opera that has been compared to E. Bestsellers in Science Fiction. The Testaments Margaret Atwood. Add to basket.

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Outlander Diana Gabaldon. Babylon's Ashes James S. Roadside Picnic Boris Strugatsky. Children of Time Adrian Tchaikovsky. I, Robot Isaac Asimov. Heir to the Empire Timothy Zahn. Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut. Ringworld Larry Niven. Quantum Patricia Cornwell. Gideon the Ninth Tamsyn Muir. Red Rising Pierce Brown.

Monstress Volume 4 Marjorie Liu. Record of a Spaceborn Few Becky Chambers. Ready Player One Ernest Cline. Royal Assassin Robin Hobb. Other books in this series. Peacekeeper 2 Heather Zak. Galactic Alliance - Translight! Earth is once more becoming a Galactic Planet as the 10, year old veil that separated humankind from the rest of the cosmos dissolves.

Since , the Earth has experienced a shift in the number of sightings of strange "Unidentified Flying Objects", or UFOs, in the sky. This is a due to the directive of our Galactic ancestors by their Sourcial Creator the "Radiant One" was for all Galactic Intelligence whether on the ground, sea or air was to remain unseen to our human population unless necessary.

The long awaited period is here. The directive has been changed and the "Time of the Reintegration" is upon us. Earth is becoming a Galactic Planet once again. As time passes, in the next few years, we on Earth will be fully reintegrated with our good natured celestial Star Kin who have been our foremothers and forefathers of this planet.

I have known them to be kind, benevolent and highly intelligent. We will awaken to our true destiny, to be the signature life form of this planet. Born here on Earth, made up of earthly matter, we are raised here, we then die here. We are the prime legacy of this earth.

We will be joined with "those who never left", our earlier galactic kin. The reintegration has already begun. The Galactic Earth Council is a staunch and intelligent group of humans who came together after hearing the "Clarion Call" sent by the High Spiritual Council, made up of highly evolved, benevolent and intelligent Ultraterrestrials. The splendor of the meeting allowed for the continuance of our gathering together and has continued to this day.

This meeting turned out to be life changing for all who came to what would be christened later as "Turtle Mountain". Highly intelligent beings, compassionate and benevolent galactic emissaries had been sent out on a mission of mercy to assist humanity in preventing a world disaster of enormous magnitude. In order for the Star Council and the Star Federation's mission to be successful they would need permission from a few Earthlings to assist BP in stopping the massive oil leak. The experience of that fateful day in led to our first Galactic Earth Council GEC meeting and opened the doorway for those who attended to the Truth of Truths: that we are not alone in this vast Cosmos.

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We became aware that we were part of a much larger Galactic Family who were excited and filled with joy about our historic GEC gathering. This is the story of a few dedicated and conscious human beings whose destiny it was to be some of the first people in a group to step forward into Galactichood for Earth, themselves, humanity and the greater good of the Cosmos. We welcome you to sign up and become a member of our Galactic Earth Council community.

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  4. Celestial Activation Sessions Celestine IIsha Star assists those who are on the path of awakening to their true "Galactic Nature" or seeking wisdom and answers in their lives concerning their connection to Heavenly and Galactic Beings, and the. Cosmic Creation. Galactic Origin GO Sessions. Celestial Activation Sessions. The High Spiritual Council.

    Galactic Planet once again. You can then align your Earth Mission to your present life and reconnect with your Star Family. Activate your Galactic Consciousness! Schedule an GO Session. Sessions include clearing the final blocks or traumas of our Human Story, life support as you transform into your true "Divine Self", receiving Transmitted Encodex that assist in your full embodiment of Galactic Consciousness, Spiritual and Metaphysical guidance for your Sacred Life journey.

    Our Galactic Star Kin. Schedule a Galactic Ascension:. Celestine Iisha Star.

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    She as been guided by the Heavenly High Spiritual Council, as an ambassador, to assist in the "Reintegration" of Earth's humanity with our benevolent Ultraterrestrial ancestors, Star Kin. Star offerings guided sacred Skywatch Circles, Galactic. She is the author of The Galactic Earth Council Book offering a safe and well-lit road map for those being called to awaken. Star's life purpose is to assist in the evolution of our Earth and to keep the Way Sacred for All.