The Nature of The Soul

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But in the depths of our hearts we are soft: we desire to love and be loved. The rock does not love; matter is dead energy. A corpse fails to exhibit love because the loving, living being has left the body. I want to feel love for you. I want to see and treat you as you are… a person, a living being, a spirit-soul, who happens to be in a particular type of body.

These bodies, like clothes, have particular names and titles, such as white, black, man, women, Christian, Hindu, young, old, etc. But we are not these bodies or bodily designations. I want to be friends with you. Because we are all living beings, parts and parcels of the Supreme Being, we are all relatives in the truest sense of the word.

Life in the spirit world is much like life in our dense physical world, except that there are certain freedoms that come with having a less dense body. The ability to levitate is one such freedom and, better still, spirits can project themselves almost instantly to another location and suddenly appear there. It just takes mental focus and - whoosh - they appear at the target location.

You don't see people wearing spectacles in the spirit world because their sense of sight works as a direct perception rather than through their eyes in the way that we use our eyes. They can focus telescopically on distant objects to make them appear near, and they can focus microscopically on a nearby object, right down to its atomic structure. Their sense of hearing, too, can be focused to pick up sounds at great distances. When we in the physical world are able to replicate the principles behind 'astral projection', we, too, will have instant transportation to other locations.

Then, it'll be bye-bye to cars, trucks, trains, planes and rocket ships. It has the freedom to relocate both in time and space but it spends most of its time catering to the needs of its physical, incarnate self. In 5th density, when one soul meets another they recognize each other, not from any physical appearance, but from their unique signature vibration. Download right-click to download.

Discover Your True Self – You are Not a Body but a Soul

What you are hearing in this audio recording is the voice of the Angelic Assembly speaking through the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. Here, the original communication of God, which exists beyond words, is translated into human language and understanding by the Angelic Assembly who watch over the world. In this remarkable process, the Voice of Revelation is speaking anew. The Word and the Sound are in the world. For the first time in history, the recording of the original spoken revelation is available to you and to the world to experience.

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May you be the recipient of this gift of Revelation and may you be open to receive its unique Message for you and for your life. Any consideration of the soul must only be relative to your current circumstances, stage of development and the range of reality that you are able to experience. This, of course, is the challenge facing any idea of spiritual truth in the world—that it is all relative to where you are looking from and your position in the universe and in Creation.

Therefore, what may be true within this reality may not hold true in the next dimension of reality that you will experience most certainly when you leave this world. To think that the scriptures alone can tell you the Mind and the Will of God is a great underestimation. For you must experience this at the level of Knowledge within yourself.

Religion is a pathway to an intellectual dead end, or it is a pathway to the discovery of the soul, and the great need of the soul to fulfill its mission and destiny in the world, in service to humanity and in service to the world.

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Everyone was sent into the world to serve the world. But, of course, this initial and fundamental intention has been lost and confused, twisted and corrupted, leading to the world you experience today. So the question arises: What is the soul?

We shall give you an understanding here that will be very helpful, as long as you remember that this understanding, and any understanding We give you of things dealing with the eternal, will grow and change as you progress. What you tell a child about the world is not what you tell an adult. What you tell a child about God is not what you tell an adult. Therefore, the degree of your maturity will really determine your awareness and your understanding, particularly dealing with realities that extend beyond this world and beyond this brief period of life that you call life in the world.

It was created before you came into the world, and it will exist after you leave the world. So your worldly understanding, which is extremely temporary given the limits of your time and activity in the world, will only give you a glimpse of it from a certain perspective. But clarity here is always important to allow your mind to expand and to remind you that who you are is not your intellect, or the range of your ideas, or your memories, or your grievances and so forth. What has been created in the world will pass with the world in your experience to a very large degree.

What is the soul? The soul is the part of you that God created that is permanent and that existed before this life and will continue beyond this life. The question then arises: What is Knowledge that you speak of? Knowledge is the part of your soul that has not separated from God, and thus is able to respond to the Will of God, to the protection of God and to the Wisdom of God as it pertains to your particular life and circumstances, in this situation of living in the world. So, in essence, your soul and Knowledge are not yet the same in your experience.

Your soul in your experience, living in a state of Separation, is the part of your permanent identity that has separated from God. But since you cannot completely separate from God, the part of you that did not separate from God represents your saving grace. Reunite the soul with Knowledge and the soul is complete, and Separation within the soul has been ended.

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In other words, part of the soul is journeying through life as a separate entity, unaware and afraid of confronting its true reality. The part of the soul that has never left God goes along, but it is responding to something very different and is a very different kind of intelligence.

The Separation was never complete because you cannot separate yourself from your Source. Even though you may attempt to do this and invest yourself greatly in this effort, in the end, it cannot be successful.

That is why all souls, eventually in time, perhaps in the very great distant future, will reunite with God. The moment that Separation was created, before the creation of time and space, the answer was given. The answer was given because you could not separate from God, and that is what will save you in the end. No matter what your religious affiliation or system of belief, no matter what your time, your culture—even no matter what world you exist in in the Greater Community of worlds in the universe—this is your salvation.

You return to God through Knowledge, Knowledge being the greater part of you that has never separated from God. We use the term Knowledge because it is related to the ability to have profound experiences of recognition and knowing.

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Here Knowledge is not a body of information or what you learn at the university. Here Knowledge is not a system of belief or a philosophy or a theology. It is the movement of Spirit within you. So what We are saying here is that your Spirit is divided. That is where the Separation happened, you see. Of course, you go into isolation, and you suffer. Disconnected from your Source, you now have no security. You have no sense of permanence.

You have no sense of intrinsic relationship. You take refuge in the world as an individual. You adopt form. You develop an intellect to navigate the world because it is such a difficult and unpredictable place. And from this position of isolation, separation and embodiment, you try to understand what God is.

God has sent Messages periodically into the world at great turning points for humanity. These Revelations have been captured by the minds and the imaginations, altered and applied, and distorted to the point where they are full of truth and ignorance. To find your way within them, which you can certainly do, you must separate the truth from the ignorance. You cannot know God with your intellect. It was not created to encompass something so great. For an intellect can only consider other intellects.

Soul, nature and immortality of the - Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

It can only consider things that are like itself to some degree, and God is not an intellect. People think of God as a person or a personage, but God is not a person or a personage. It would be like an ant trying to understand the sun of your solar system. It can experience the power of the sun, and benefits from this to be able to live in the world that you know, but comprehension will never really be complete. The Revelations from God have always been for the purpose of re-engaging you with your deeper nature so that the Separation can be mended and finally ended within you.

For you cannot return to your Ancient Home, your heavenly state, until this mending has occurred. God cannot un-create your Separation because God did not create the Separation. God affects reality, not that which is not reality. But God has sent Knowledge with you into the world. It goes everywhere with you. In this way, God does not have to take care of your life and does not have to watch over you personally because the Lord of a trillion universes cannot be preoccupied with your daily affairs, or your preoccupations or internal conflicts.

To think that God is talking to you every day is to make God into your personal servant, your errand boy, like some kind of minor deity that is preoccupied with what you are doing. God has given you Knowledge to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to your greater accomplishments in the world. In this way, God does not have to be something other than God. And you have to live with the reality that there is a greater truth within you—a deeper conscience, a fundamental ethical foundation that cannot be deceived, cannot be corrupted and cannot be used for selfish purposes.

For Knowledge is not a resource of your intellect. Ultimately, your intellect is a resource for Knowledge. But to see this, you would have to shift your sense of identity to a far more permanent and deeper part of your existence to see that your intellect is a magnificent tool of communication.