The Awakening Course: The Secret to Solving All Problems

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The complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation based on a highly successful course now in paperback! The Awakening Course is Joe Vitale's most recent breakthrough program explaining the four stages of awakening. This thought-provoking book builds on everything Vitale has written and recorded to date, taking you to a whole new level of personal and professional transcendence.

This book offers a proven step-by-step approach for finding and achieving your goals and desires through a complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation.

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Discover new perspectives on money, role models, and the power of your unconscious Re-state complaints into positive life-changing intentions, and turn your fears into a catalyst for success 5 steps for attracting anything or anyone into your life Joe Vitale is the author of the bestselling The Attractor Factor and The Key Let The Awakening Course take you to a place of transcendence.

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The Awakening Course The Secret to Solving All Problems

More filters. Sort order. Jul 15, Alan Norman rated it it was amazing. In the Awakening Course, you will learn What it means to be awakened and why it's so important How you can create your own awakened life filled with miracles The steps to get out of the "victim" mentality. Aug 09, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. After reading this book, I first have to say, if I read another word by Joe Vitale about his having been homeless, I'll scream. I'm so fed up reading about it. Those of us who know anything about Joe Vitale know that he was homeless at one point, and he's now a multi-millionaire, presumably.

I'm also fed up hearing that he's a "big movie star" after appearing in "The Secret". It was a good film and he has been in other films too, but he's certainly not what I would call a "big movie star". Also, in the book he talks about letting go of ego consciousness, But to judge from it, I have to say that it "sure sounds like" he still has a huge ego. Having got all that off my chest, I'll go on to some positive factors as regards Joe and this book.

He writes, as always, in a simple, clear style.

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Anybody and everybody should be able to understand what he writes in this book. It is very readable; Joe's positive outlook is very infectious and inspiring. If anything, the book seems a bit too simplistic. In the chapter about victimhood, he draws our attention to the fact that only victims "blame and complain".

The Awakening Course. The Secret to Solving All Problems

We are more powerful than we know, in fact we are limitless. It's important to stop complaining and to change our language, so instead of talking about "problems", for example, you talk about "opportunities"; you don't "have to work out", you "get to work out". You should focus on what's right in your world, instead of what's wrong. Well, this was all fine and good, but I felt I knew all that beforehand, and wondered whether it was a waste of time for me to continue with the book. In the chapter about empowerment, Joe discusses clearing limiting beliefs, "nevillizing" your goal, i.

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Feeling is the key factor, and he uses the term "nevillize" in a reference to the mystic and gifted speaker and writer Neville Goddard who advised us, among many other things, about the power of feeling. I, like Joe, am a great fan of Neville.

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Then we need to let go of our attachment to wanting something, for instance and take inspired action. Joe notes that it's more powerful to intend something rather than just to want it. It's also powerful to focus on gratitude. You look on what you have right now and are grateful for this, and you'll find that actually you're already wealthy.

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Again, this chapter was good, but there was nothing new. Then I started on the chapter about surrender. Here we're reminded about Dr. Hew Len and the "miracles" he effected in a Hawaiian mental hospital for the criminally insane by means of his Ho'oponopono techniques.

Now I've previously read Joe's book "Zero limits" on this healing method, and was greatly inspired by it, and I myself have used the techniques with some success. The process is absolutely simple, since the only thing you need to do is recite for yourself the phrases "Please forgive me, Sorry, Thank you, I love you" or only the two latter phrases , directing the words to the Divine, while thinking of your problem. However, the process is somewhat laborious, since it all takes TIME. The theory is that by performing this technique you're healing, or clearing, yourself, and this happens since every problem or person with a problem you meet in your life is a reflection of yourself and your own problems.

Although I'd read "Zero Limits" and practised the technique previously, it was beneficial to be reminded of it. Not only this, but I felt that I got more information about carrying out the method properly than in the original book. I hadn't realized this before, hadn't really felt any feelings but simply repeated the phrases in my head and still the process had worked!

Looking back at my comment at the start of my review about the size of Joe's ego, I suppose that if I'm to accept the theory behind this technique, I will need to focus on Joe and clear my own ego, since he's obviously reflecting an aspect of myself! Joe informs us that the Ho'oponopono phrases constitute his new self-talk. So I got an important insight from the book. I find that the process of surrender, which is stage Three of Joe's awakening course, is absolutely vital to living a happy, abundant life, but difficult to achieve.

So simple, but so hard to do. Especially as regards achieving a manifestation, it is an essential factor in my view.

The Awakening! with Dr. Joe Vitale

In Joe's chapter on awakening he admits, finally, that he isn't actually awakened yet, but has experienced only glimpses of this stage - satori moments. Good for him to admit it, I was wondering about that. You must make time daily for meditation, in fact your whole life can be a walking meditation. Again, gratitude and being happy in the moment, that is, all the time, are important elements in achieving this stage.

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You can and should ask for help from the masters. Perhaps the very best chapters of the book are the two subsequent ones, which are transcriptions of interviews with Joe, one on the subject of the awakened millionaire and the other on awakened relationships. He explains everything very clearly in these interviews. Especially inspiring are his statements about awakened relationships.

You are, in fact love, and the other person is coming from love and is, in fact, love. Hew Len taught him "If you are complaining about something, whatever the problem is, do you notice that you're there? The only negative features of the book are a few spelling mistakes and the like, mostly in the first part. Otherwise it is a book that grows on you and can help you gain insights and realizations.

I strongly recommend that you read it. Apr 17, Deb rated it really liked it.