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Methods such as coaching sessions, translanguaging and parallel teaching have proved to be innovative ways of increasing motivation and language development in students. The methods have also brought benefits like confirmed identity and increased self-esteem. By creating an understanding and acceptance of each other and by treating everyone as an asset, we feel that we have Europia: Schule, Arbeit und Leben in Jahren.

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The main languages of the project are German and English. All subjects are involved, which gives all pupils and staff in the participating schools opportunities to take part Develop foreign language skills. We are both legitimate in numerous different subjects such as: Swedish as a Second Language, English, sciences, and social studies… We started our job in the preparatory-class in question, four years ago. Most of our pupils come from Syria where many of them are unaccompanied refugee children.

The most unique and dream-like property a So Far So Near. Launched in , the So Far So Near project focuses on supporting the process of integration of foreign pupils. The aim is to mutually introduce Czech pupils and pupils of the same age coming from other countries, to support the teaching of the Czech language, to raise awareness of other cultures, and to completely eliminate stereotypes. The project, which involved all classes in the second stage, had a final portion where pupils visited a selected UNESCO site and documentation these trips, inc Youngster - English is your chance!

The analysis of results of the exam staged at the end of lower secondary school shows that students coming from small localities have considerably poorer results in English only when compared to their peers from large cities.

The authors of the project entitled Youngster - English is your chance! Project activities addressed to nearly 28, lower secondary school stud Many languages are spoken in Europe, about which you can learn not only while travelling. The desire to establish, maintain and develop contact with people from other countries is a great opportunity to learn their languages.

Owen Emmerson

Pupils coming from Poland and several other countries taking part in the eTwinning programme prepared for the partners short video-lessons about their respective languag Mosaic of generations. Similar to the pieces of a mosaic, each piece contributes to forming a whole — a good family life. In addition to the primary school in Most, primary schools from Poland and Italy were also invo Educational programme and methodological support for preschool teachers when working with foreign children.

The aim was to create a concept to support the Czech language in preschools and to prepare a methodological manual that would give teachers a tool to systematically guide children and improve their language skills. Czech as a second language is approached differently from what we are used to in th World War I. While the project language was English, in some phases of the project the national languages of the two countries were also used. The aim was not only to commemorate and remember the historical events, but also to look at the suffering of war, as captured in the journals of witnesses, in documentaries or in fiction.

The wide range of project activities included project d Town time travel, old stories, work together, new information. The TOWN project, which was a continuation of the initial and successful project entitled Getting to Know Each Other, involved children with various types of disabilities.

Pupils of the sixth to the ninth year of the practical school, who often have problems with pronunciation, spelling and listening, cooperated with a Polish primary school where they were partnered with third-year pupils. The themes for the project were chosen so as to build on the teaching of English in the given period — food Intended for pupils aged 8 to 12 years and their teachers, the multilateral school partnership project focused on the English language and was oriented towards two main objectives.

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The first objective was to exchange experience and good practices between teachers, where the output is a freely accessible database of educational games in English. The games in the database were tested by the partner schools and can be easily used in other European schools. The other objective was to develop student Friends make everything easier. For eight months, the children completed various tasks together and inspired each other. The children communicated in their first native languages, which was very beneficial for Czech children because they rarely encounter Slovak in the Czech Republic.

The themes of the task varied throughout the year and were adapted to the seasons, holidays and school CLIL is Easy! The project consists in the use for English learning outside regular lessons; during breaks, stay in the canteen, special interest club meetings, excursions, trips, and CLIL classes going beyond core curriculum. From the beginning of September , work at the school was planned to provide natural situations to learn the language, combine activities from different areas and to improve language skills using bilingual communication and aiming at the bilingualism of the entire school including s Pedagogical innovation for three-year olds Bilingual Pre-schooler.

Core curriculum for preschools provides for making children familiar with languages and sensitive to linguistic diversity. Observing these recommendations, however, is not straightforward, which has been proven by observations of classes conducted at many educational institutions. The project entitled Bilingual Pre-schooler can be considered a model for effective implementation of recommendations for preschool education programme and a good practice in this area. Children participating in the German has Class. German has Class is yet another project implemented by the Goethe-Institut entered for the European Language Label competition.

The jury has already awarded certificates to the Deutsch-Wagen-Tour project in and Delfort in These three projects represent only a small portion of activities conducted by the Goethe-Institut in Poland aimed at the promotion of the German language teaching. The Institute offers German courses, which are very popular among learners. It also organises meetings The Intercultural Language Tabletory. Developing English competence, shaping social skills and overcoming cultural barriers are slogans and guidelines frequently observed in many educational initiatives. The originators of the Intercultural Language Tabletory project have turned them into action in a quite an unusual way.

Piaf, un mythe français (Documents) (French Edition)

With the help of the Hear Africa Foundation, they established contact with the Home of Hope, a safe haven for street children in Zambia, raised funds for providing Internet access there and for the purchase of tabl Foreign language courses at higher education institutions, especially those focusing on language for specific purposes, usually include specialist language. Employers expect that graduates are proficient and independent language users in many different fields.


This is how the concept for a project allowing students to experience authentic language combined with They read the texts usually in their native language and discussed them with their peers from another country in English or Russian. This gave them a good opportunity to practice their foreign language skills and their courage to speak in another language. They also had the opportunity to learn more about their peers in another country and to understand b The project creates exhilarating and motivating learning environment via language practice, it helps to diversify learning process and develop tolerance and positive attitude towards different cultures, languages and nations.

Meetings in Word and Sound. This project has more value than just a study of the language or joined up singing. The aim of the project is to emphasise the importance of the German language, have a dialogue between two cultures and study German as Estonian delegate in Europe. The sustainability of the project is gained through getting to know both countries, their culture and l Language projects devoted to learning Latin are very rare today.

The Incredible Life of Marcus Poncius Europaeus project implemented as part of the eTwinning programme focused on Latin so-called living Latin and ancient civilisation and their presence in modern European languages and cultures. Marcus is a fictional character invented by project participants who worked on Europeans for peace - memories and feelings. As part of the Europeans for peace project, students traced the stories of Jewish children sent from different cities of Europe to the concentration camp in Neuengamme. In each partner country, young people searched for factual documentation on the topic.

Students from Poland focused on children of the Radom ghetto. The materials they collected and compiled were used in a presentation given at a meeting in Germany and in a photo exhibition presented at their school. The meeting in Hamburg served Edith Piaf was born on December 19, One hundred years later, France paid homage to the excellent singer by making the year of Edith Piaf. That is how the concept for the project entitled French with Edith Piaf - on one hundredth anniversary of Paris sparr Poetry and Art for Creativity — Inspirations. Combining creativity and vocabulary learning was conducive for remembering the linguistic material.

Using creative learning methods aimed at the development of divergent thinking. At the beginning of their participation in the Poetry and Art for Creativity — Inspirations workshop, the degree of English proficiency of children was The publication of From a Mechanic to Mechatronic textbook. Both employers and teachers express demand for teaching materials concerning languages for specific purposes.

The publication entitled From a Mechanic to Mechatronic, which is available online for free and in 5, copies in print , is a compendium of knowledge, which proves useful in the working life, for teachers of languages and vocational subjects. The textbook presents specialist knowledge, facilitates communication in the work place and presents specialist vocabulary.

The publication feat The deepening of special and language skills for successful positioning at the international labour mar. The aim of the project realization was to allow the students of our school for the opportunity to go through professional intership in international business entreprenurship in companies in London. Our students are taught by teachers of special economic subjects in English language with the use of CLIL methodology.

Our aim was also to allow students for the improvement of English laguage skills, especially the practical use of special terms, knowing new approaches and methods of work, to widen t And they lived happily ever after. The project is an innovative re-launch of three popular and traditional fairy tales. The highly executed cartoons recount these fairy tales by promoting social and human rights, addressing gender and social inequality, tackling poverty and social exclusion.

The main aims of the project are: 1. Be the first professional cartoon in the Maltese language; 2. Encourage children to read and speak in the National language; 3. Help children embrace the Maltese language as an integral part of Na ET sign language in the Spreadthesign- multilingual dictionary of sign language. Just as every country speaks a different language, each country also has its own national sign language. In order to Deaf people of different nationalities and the people who want to communicate with them could understand each other better, there is a dictionary of national sign languages Spreadthesign.