Desahucio de un proyecto político (Spanish Edition)

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The article starts with the emergence of the 15M in Spain, criticizing the representation of the movement in the media and exposing the political and economic conjuncture of Spain at the date of the revolt. Then, it analyzes the Indignados sociopolitical phenomenon as an articulation of social movements linked by one method of political decision and association: the assembly.

After this, it tries to explore the limits and advantages of a noninstitutionalized approach towards social conflict, exposing the social changes the movement has introduced into the Spanish society. Finally, it points out the real obstacles for the 15M as a post-Fordist class movement in an attempt to understand the role of the Indignados like an alternative for political change in Spanish society.

View on tandfonline. View on bambuser. Puerto Rico-Madrid more. Algunas notas y materiales para leer los "Grundrisse" more. Conferencia realizada el 5 de septiembre de Marx y el 15M more. El tiempo de lo concreto: Marx, la historia, el presente. Congreso "Pensar con Marx". Spinoza y Nosotros more. Aunque la At the end of the talk we will outline an approach between Althusserian Marxism and the biopolitical investigations of Michel Foucault, in an effort to integrate both theories of subjectivation.

Keywords: Ideology, epistemology, historical materialism, social reproduction. Hacia la reforma del entendimiento I more. Se rescataban las dimensiones Texto introductorio al pensamiento de Karl Marx. View on naullibres. View on marxismocritico. Entrevista - La connessione meridionale. Podemos, Syriza e i movimenti more. Materialismo, identidad e historia del homoerotismo: del "acto nefando" a la militancia queer. Homoerotismo, identidad y resistencia de Javier Ugarte Egales, Spinoza e il no contemporaneo, Verona, Ombrecorte, Morfino, Vittorio.

Spinoza y el libro de la vida. Cuerpos, Masas, Poder. Montag, Warren, more. Buenos Aires, Biblos, Entrevista en Filosofipods: Marx, Periodista. Link de Filosofipods, el interesante proyecto de Hugo View on normalesup. Se analiza el estado actual de una localidad del sur de Madrid, View on youtube. View on soundcloud.

e-book Desahucio de un proyecto político (Spanish Edition)

Marxism and Marx. View on vimeo. Crisis, deuda y gubernamentalidad neoliberal en Europa. Crisis, movimientos globales y revueltas locales en Eslovenia more.

Las semillas del M I. Podemos y el municipalismo more. View on opendemocracy. Podemos and the municipalist agenda more. To put it schematically, today the dividing line between those who advocate simple governance or management and those in favor of self-government seems clear enough.

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On the one hand, we have a new political elite — autonomized from its On the one hand, we have a new political elite — autonomized from its own social environments — that promotes an agenda of management, with a neutral conception of the institution, and proposes only low intensity, yet newsworthy, changes. Social and political outcomes of the Spanish housing movement. Agamben , Giorgio. Alekos , Jaime. Andersen , Kurt. Austin , John Langshaw. Bakhtin , Mikhail.

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